Versatility with an edge

CoatWizard offers its users endless possibilities for film coating, sophisticated 3D coating and vacuum forming of rigid film.

Customer feedback has proven that CoatWizard offers a significant boost to new businesses, in addition to fast payback. It works with several types of materials, adapts to customized production with ease and also produces large batches efficiently.

For advanced craftsmanship

CoatWizard was designed to offer high quality vacuum shot technology primarily to small and medium-sized woodworking companies. The machine was developed in a continuous chain, from one carpenter to another, and is the result of twelve years of active R&D.

CoatWizard comes with an easy-to-use touch display and is environmentally friendly. As a result of extensive product development, the machine is also extremely reliable and requires little maintenance.

Leading the way

In terms of production flexibility, end product quality as well as low operating costs, CoatWizard is a frontrunner in its field.

Our swift and thorough installation service consists of machine set up and training at the customer’s site. We also offer our customers full aftersales support and uptime warranty.

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