Nov 14, 2003

Ducor gains patent for its sheet metal coating method and end product

Ducor Ltd has been granted a patent in Finland for a sheet metal coating method and the obtainable end product.

The CoatWizard method enables the cost-efficient manufacture of sheet metal elements, which, compared to other comparable solutions, are lighter yet stiff and durable. With CoatWizard, it is also possible to coat sophisticated 3D shapes on sheet metal elements.

Sheet metal is coated by placing various materials between the film and the component to improve the component’s appearance, firmness and soundproofing.Other benefits include savings on raw material and manufacturing costs as well as easier and lighter fastening. With the method, there is no need for separate stiffening structures.

“The sheet metal elements coated with CoatWizard can be used in the doors, ceilings and decorative structures of cruise liners, for example. In public buildings, sheet metal elements can be used as ceilings, doors and wall structures. The 3D metal sheet components are also applicable as architectural frontage elements,” says Jami Tammi, Ducor’s Managing Director.

Traditional paint coated metal surface elements have been plane-like and heavy, so it has not been possible to increase the size of the elements without increasing the weight, while still achieving the required firmness.

Ducor has put the patent process also in motion in its other market areas.