New business with CoatWizard

Customer feedback has shown that CoatWizard offers a significant boost to businesses, in addition to fast payback.

“We purchased CoatWizard in 2002, after long and detailed conversations with the manufacturer, because we were looking for a stronger competitive edge. CoatWizard turned out to be our best investment ever, since it opened up new dimensions for us in terms of production and sales.

In the past, we purchased cabinet doors from various suppliers, but, thanks to Coatwizard, we are now able to offer our own cabinet door collection. With CoatWizard, we have doubled our turnover, and we have therefore been able to employ more people.

We now give the customer what the customer wants – anything from advanced precision detailing to even the smallest lots.”

Ismo Puurunen, kitchen furniture manufacturer, of the Siilin Kalustepaja company, in Siilinjärvi, Finland